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Hailey and Detective Kevin Allen go through the original tips from the 1989 Tiffany Sessions hotline, and then go inside the current search for the missing UF student.

The Witness

A possible witness from the 1989 kidnapping of Tiffany Sessions comes forward to tell her story.

Digging Up Williston Road

Detective Kevin Allen pieces the case together, finally connecting Paul Rowles' victims, and starting a new search for Tiffany Sessions.

The Girl Who Escaped

Paul Rowles kidnapped a 15 year old girl and drove her across Florida. She escaped and in this episode you can hear her tell her own story for the first time.

College students were found murdered in Gainesville one after another, after another, after another. Hailey digs into Gainesville's darkest years with the original detectives.

#2 2/9/89

Tiffany Sessions went out for a walk in 1989 and was never seen again. Her parents, college roommate, and the original detectives walk us through one of the biggest missing persons...


After years of stalking women, Paul Rowles gives in to his desires. In this episode, the original detective, prosecutors and the victim's husband walk us through the first case.

Shallow Graves is a podcast about a serial killer you’ve never heard of. He slipped under the radar for years and because of that, one of his victims has been missing for 31 years,...

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